Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Get ready to put aside your skinny jeans as a new pants style is coming to town – the trendy baggy drop-crotch trousers is returning this season.
According to Derick Chetty - star stylist - in his piece to the Toronto Star dated Oct.12, the new pants trend had emerged on the streets of Paris and New York during this past fashion week. Chetty’s trend timing and place might be controversial since the same pant style was shot in Milan by the prior to the Paris or NY fashion week. No doubt the trend has hit the streets, weather was first seen in Milan, Paris or New York, the new trend is becoming so relevant that some people are even saying that it might become the new jeans. The style is a sexy and cool alternative for the old tired jeans. Our challenge might be to find a drop-crotch trouser in town now before the Spring launch.

Trend Researcher tip: be aware that a baggy drop-crotch trouser might not suit all types of bodies. The leaner and longer you are the better these pants will suit you.


geppebba said...

what should we say - ?
For years we are designing only this type of trousers and it was in Summer 2003 in Marocco during a surftrip when we had the idea... - but the people...please, why is innovation so hard to understand and understandably nobody want to put a risk into the shop ;)
But I don`t think it`s just a trend which has it`s end in the next decade. It has for sure the potential to open a new segment of trousers, because you may get addicted to the comfortable feeling of such a trousers shape. And what is really new? You can explain it from different everthing was or is already existing. But the combination of old and existing things can create a new style or be a plattform for various interpretations. So geppebba has a functional and sporty character after a process of form follows function. And we hope you like our brand new garment !!!
see you,
ebba & geppetto